Saturday, 16 February 2013

The B-Team by John Scalzi

The first part of the Human Division series that is being released on the Kindle. For a while these books have being popping up on the list recommendations and I have being ignoring them. I am glad I stopped ignoring them and gave it a try especially at the price (65p).

The story revolves around
- a diplomatic mission that has gone to pieces (literally in this case) with the one of the best diplomatic team being killed and negotiations going wrong even before they have started;
- Earth and an alliance of human populated planets not getting along;
- Alien fractions forming alliances that are potentially not in the human's best interest;
- The eponymous B-Team, they don't know they are called that, a team of diplomats and naval-types who at the start of the story don't get the most high profile jobs, but have to step in to save the day in their own way.

There is good character development in such as short book, with characters that are quickly being fleshed out with their likes and dislikes; their faults and strengths coming out. Both for the B-Team itself but also the powers behind them Egan and Rigney and the political games they play.

This book did surprise me, in that I enjoyed it so much. I am looking forward to reading Walk the Plank, the next episode - downloaded and ready. If you are after a good quick read with plenty of action consider this book.

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