Saturday, 2 February 2013


Douglas E Richards' Wired is a great technothriller sci-fi book. The story is action packed; revolving around, initially, a search for a potentially psychopathic female genius Kira Miller who is said to be working for a jihadist terrorist group...things are not what they seemed. The story develops quickly to what appears to be a government agency who want her because she has developed a drug that radically improves the intelligence of an individual, but also because whilst using the drug she created a treatment that extends life by an expected seventy years.

Many themes are explored. Including what does it mean to be human and what the effected of technology could be on society?.

This is a hard to put down story (I read the kindle version in just over a day - which is quick for me). The pace is fast, with so many twists. I am looking forward to reading the sequel Amped (which a bit confusing as Daniel H Wilson also brought out a book Amped recently).

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