Thursday, 28 March 2013

Doughnut - Tom Holt

Another great book from Tom Holt, also a little different to the others of his I have read, which revolved around magic being used commercially. In this book quantum physics, multiple universities, time travel, god-complex, big-bang and siblings - a heady mix. 

The main character blows up a particle accelerator (but is it his fault) leading to at the very least Switzerland being considerably flatter, becoming unemployable, and giving a new meaning to 'climbing into the bottle' which in this case leads to alternative realities and meetings with both his not-so dead brother and mentor. 

If you looking for a good comic 'fantasy' or sci-fi book this one is worth a look.

I confess to getting sucked in by the free chapter at the end of the book for 'The Accidental Sorcerer' and ended up buying the book.

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