Saturday, 20 April 2013


Angelmaker by Nick Harkaway is another one of those book it is hard to pigeon-hole, so I won't. The writing is well constructed, descriptive and the book is 'hard to put down'.

The story revolves around a man, Joe Spork, who initially desires a quite life repairing clockwork devices, and not following in the footsteps of his late gangster father. Everything changes when

  • he is tricked into starting an old doomsday device by an octagarian ex-spy; 
  • becomes public enemy number one; 
  • chased by a group of monks with a charasmatic leader who wants to become God; 
  • clockwork bees;
  • finally becoming what he didn't think he wanted to be initially.

Read this book, the pace is fast. I wouldn't describe it as only a comic novel, but there is a definite warped sense of humor evident in the writing.

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