Sunday, 2 June 2013

The Stars Do Not Lie

The Stars Do Not Lie by Joseph E Lake published as a novella in Asimov's Science Fiction October/November 2012. What is especially nice, is the story is available at

A Scientist makes a discovery which when he tries to announce it, he gets removed from the stage quickly and becomes the focus of a lot of initially unwanted attention. The story mixes politics, religion and science policy to make a interesting story. It has a steam-punk feel to it, with airships, pomp,  and presentations to Royal Society type organisations.

Confession time, at first I didn't think the story was going to work for me, I was wrong.The basic story is not a new one, but the way it is written and the spin taken is good. It is not hard to see why this a Nebula Prize nominee, it is enjoyable without insulting the readers intelligence.

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