Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Ender's Game

I can see why Ender's Games won so many awards and is seen as a sci-fi classic. It is a great story, well written, that does as good sci-fi should do - keep the reading but asking questions. On purpose, I had not read any reviews of the book so I missed an spoilers (I won't be including any here I hope).

Story revolves around Ender a six-year old boy selected to be trained as the military saviour of the human race, the goal being to training him (if possible) to be lead the space fleet to victory against the enemy. What is done to him is arguably cruel but does the end justify the means? Is it right to take away his childhold? I will confess I didn't predict the ending but that might just be me.

If you haven't read, don't be put off by the techno-war; it is more about human issues than war. I enjoyed it; so I have brought the next in the series.

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