Tuesday, 17 July 2012

The Thousand Emperors

The Thousand Emperors by Gary Gibson, follows on from Final Days where the Earth and humanity was nearly destroyed by alien technology from the mysterious Founder's network. Now set hundreds of years after this incident and largely revolving around a group of worlds cut off from the rest of the worlds after they severed the link (via a stargate type device) to protect themselves from the spread of the alien technology. 

 Ok, as it is being posted on this blog, I think it was a worthwhile read. Power corrupts absolutely seems to a central theme, long with lies as a political tool and fanatism of elite troops. I enjoyed this book. The central character, Luc Gabion, eyes being open (literally at one point in the book) is not rushed, even though he is being used by largely everyone. If you enjoyed the Shoal series I think you will like this, but I would suggest reading Final Days first.

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