Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Three Unbroken

Three Unbroken by Chris Roberson

A war on Mars (or in his case Fire Star) seen through the eyes of three people in different services but the same side, set in an alternative history where China or Celestial Empire became the dominate world power but is at war with an Aztec-styled Mexican-like nation.

The book is presented in relatively short chapters (or hexagrams) with a little bit of wisdom underneath the title (I admit I didn't understand the meaning in all of these).

The pace is quick and the three main characters are likable and the short chapters help to keep this enjoyable book's pace going. I have enjoyed the Celestial Empire stories since reading some of the short stories in Interzone magazine (a podcast of one can be found at: http://transmissionsfrombeyond.com/2010/02/transmission26/ )

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